Pro Master Cleaning Restoration has the tools to combat smoke, soot, and odor after a fire in your home or business. For anyone who has experienced a fire to their home or business in Kissimmee can understand the feelings of fright, grief and stress. Dealing with the aftermath of a fire can be difficult and extremely overwhelming. Aside from the physical destruction and loss of property, fires can leave lingering, unseen damage. Fire damage can include soot, smoke, or odors caused by residual particles from burned materials. Secondary damage is also common after a fire, as large amounts of water are used in firefighting efforts, saturating a home or business leaving it susceptible to water damage.

The Fire Damage Restoration Process

At Pro Master Cleaning Restoration we specialize in fire damage and water cleanup in Kissimmee. Our team has the right experience and equipment to not only guide our customers through the fire damage restoration process but return your property to pre loss conditions. Our restoration process factors in more than just a visual account for damage.

Step 1: Emergency Contact

Once a fire has been extinguished and we have been contacted, our team will arrive on the scene quickly to begin the fire damage restoration and mitigation process.

Step 2: Fire Damage Assessment & Remediation Plan

We will assess the extent of damage, inspecting all of the affected areas. Once an action plan has been determined and explained to the property owner, we will begin boarding up and securing any exposed areas of the property’s structure.

Step 3: Additional Restoration Services

Based on the nature of the fire and how it was extinguished, we will conduct water removal and drying. This will ensure no water is left sitting to further compromise any building material or contents.

Step 4: Soot & Smoke Removal & Cleanup

Our trained technicians will then begin our soot and smoke damage cleanup, utilizing specialized equipment and cleaning solutions. Removing any burnt particles is imperative for a clean and healthy environment. Content restoration may be necessary for items that are salvageable. Cleaning and sanitizing of the entire affected area and contents will occur.

Step 5: Complete Restoration of Property

Repairs and restoration for walls, flooring, and the property structure is the final step in our process

Customer Testimonials

"I had a fire in my kitchen which affected majority of the first floor of my house. I searched for a local company and found Pro Master. Their reviews instantly caught my attention and I wasted no time in calling...."
Dayra Hernandez
Kissimmee FL
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