5 Basic Facts to Know About Mold and Mold Damage

Homeowners in Kissimmee are surely no stranger to the word mold. Many homeowners know living in Florida means the ever-constant humidity and rain are a few requirements for potential mold damage.  Kissimmee homeowners may also know that mold can potentially irritate allergies and other health issues. What about how exactly mold grows? Or just how common mold truly is? At Pro Master Cleaning Restoration, our goal is to help our customers understand mold, damage, and mold remediation.

1. There Are Over 100,000 Types of Mold

There are many types of mold and different categories in which they can fall in, benign or a potential cause of mold damage. The problem with how many kinds of mold exist, is whether the person trying to determine the type of mold growing in a home is a professional or an untrained eye. To truly understand the kind of mold and the extent of the mold damage in a Kissimmee home, mold testing done by a licensed mold assessor is required.


This is completely true! Mold is virtually present everywhere, both indoors and    outdoors. Mold spores are microscopic and easily attach themselves to clothes, hair, or  pets, and can travel via vents or appliances. The presence of mold everywhere is not the  issue though; mold becomes an issue when spores are given the perfect environment to colonize and begin causing mold damage to a home

3. Mold Can Take 24 to 48 Hours to Grow

When mold spores are presented with enough moisture and an organic food source (think drywall or wood), is when mold begins to colonize and grow. In fact, it does not take all that long for mold to grow; it can grow in 24 hours and begin to effect a home and its structure. If the mold is irritated and other areas in the home are the perfect host environment, mold damage becomes a larger issue.

4. Mold Can Be Prevented

Eliminating sources of moisture is one of the simplest ways to ensure mold does not have a chance to grow. This can be done by areas that are regularly introduced to moisture dry and well ventilated, like a bathroom.

If water damage occurs to a home, like an overflown tub or burst pipe, acting fast is imperative in preventing mold. Professional companies like Pro Master Cleaning Restoration can help in quickly extracting the excess water as well as drying the area and reducing humidity. Often mold found in a home is secondary damage following a water disaster that was not properly addressed.

5. There is No Such Thing as Mold Removal – But There is Mold Remediation

As mentioned before, mold is truly everywhere making it impossible to completely remove mold from home. When mold grows in a Kissimmee home, we provide our customers mold remediation. The mold remediation process involves removing any mold damaged items, containing the infected areas, providing cleaning and sanitizing, and then neutralization of the home’s air quality. This process stabilizes a mold ridden home, returning it back to pre-loss conditions.

Understanding mold can be overwhelming and dealing with mold damage can be even more stressful. When it comes to handling mold issues in a home, it’s best left to the professionals. Our technicians at Pro Master Cleaning Restoration are all IICRC certified. We understand mold and have the proper resources to rid homes in Kissimmee of mold damage.

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