2021 Storm Season Recap: Is Hurricane Season Over?

The official Atlantic 2021 storm season for Central Florida begins in June and ends on November 30th. There is still a little over a month until the season comes to a close and meteorologists are predicting a quiet ending. There is no guarantee that a hurricane will not form in the coming weeks, however, it has been over two weeks since a storm was present.

The lack of tropical activity is expected to continue in the Atlantic. This has many home and business owners confused as to whether the hurricane season is over for Central Florida.

2021 Storm Season Recap

  • The 2021 Storm Season was very active from June until September, though no storms made landfall in Florida. The National Hurricane Center even began issuing weather outlooks beginning May 15th, two weeks earlier than in the past.
  • 20 systems were named, including 7 hurricanes and 4 major hurricanes during 2021. The average season produces 14 named storms, 7 hurricanes and 3 major hurricanes. The 2021 Storm Season was a well above average season.
  • Major hurricanes Ida and Nicholas, made landfall in the Southeastern United States, Texas and Louisiana.

October During the Storm Season

On average October is one of the busiest parts of the hurricane season, including August and September. This year in October the Atlantic is quiet with relatively low tropical activity. This does not mean that hurricane season is over as a storm system can form in the latter part of the season during November. A big factor in storm system development is the arrival of La Nina. La Nina brings weaker winds and “can influence the track and severity of winter storms and hurricanes during warmer months”.  With La Nina present the opportunity for late season hurricanes remains; 2020 experienced five major hurricanes between October and November.

Preparing homes and businesses in Kissimmee is vital in protecting property against storm damage. Despite the prediction against a major hurricane occurring this late in the season, it is imperative property owners in Central Florida remain vigilant and prepared.

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