Water damage in Kissimmee can happen unexpectedly, any time or any day, to a business or home. A water damage emergency can quickly become a major problem if not addressed quickly. Often many property owners prefer to take care of the water emergency themselves, however many times a professional is needed. Based on the amount of water floors, walls, and other contents are exposed, water extraction, drying, and restoration are essential. Pro Master Cleaning Restoration does exactly this. Our crew acts quickly, beginning the water damage restoration process by removing the water and utilizing advanced techniques and equipment to completely dry out the affected areas. Pro Master Cleaning Restoration is here and ready to help with water damage in Kissimmee and its surrounding areas.

The Water Damage Restoration Process

Our team understands that no two water damage emergencies are the same. The common causes of water in a home or business can vary from an overflown bathtub, a burst pipe, sewage backup, or a major appliance like a water heater. No matter how severe the problem or cause, we approach each disaster with a proven process.

Step 1: Emergency Contact

After you have contacted our team, who are available 24/7, we will quickly send the appropriately sized team along with our estimator to your home or business.

Step 2: Damage Assessment & Inspection

Once on site, we will inspect and assess the water damage and affected areas. We determine the extent of damage to ensure the proper restoration will be provided.

Step 3: Water Extraction

Once we understand the full scope of work and have thoroughly explained to the property owner next steps, our team will immediately begin the water removal from the home or business.

Step 4: Dry-out & Removing Humidity

After water extraction has taken place, the drying and dehumidifying portion will begin. This is to ensure that all moisture is completely removed from the affected areas and does not cause any secondary damage, like mold.

Step 5: Cleaning, Sanitizing, & Content Restoration

The water damage cleanup will then begin once dry out is complete. Any damaged structures or content, like furniture, that have been affected by the water will be cleaned.

Step 6: Damage Restoration & Repair

Following all of the water removal, drying, and cleanup, restoration is next in the process. Water damage restoration may require for certain items in the home or business to be replaced, such as dry wall or flooring.

Customer Testiomonials

"Excellent work! I met Josh, one of the owners and he was there to help me out through my situation with water damage. He’s very knowledgeable when it comes to how he and his team tackle drying out a contained area. The process was about a week long since it was a smaller claim and after that I was ready to get back to normal."
Jonathan Barrig
Orlando, FL
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