5 Common Causes Of Water Damage In Kissimmee

Water damage is the number one disaster we provide restoration for in Kissimmee. The reality sources of potential water damage are virtually found throughout an entire structure; from plumbing to appliances to HVAC systems. This fact increases the risk of water damage occurring and emphasizes why it is important for homeowners to know the most common causes of water damage and how to hopefully prevent them.

Leaking or Burst Pipes

Plumbing is one of the number one causes we see when we perform emergency water cleanup. Often, flooding is due to a suddenly burst pipe that has left homeowners with a few inches of standing water. While homeowners are often confused as to how the pipe burst, as professionals we usually see signs of wear and tear on these pipes. Routine maintenance and checkups are imperative in preventing leaks and bursts.

There are instances when water damage has been caused from a slow leak, in which pooled water has accrued over time. Typically in this situation, it is smart to look for signs of secondary damage like mold damage. There is no way of knowing how long the leak has been occurring nor how long any building material has been wet. When an organic source, like building materials, are introduced to excessive moisture, mold is likely to colonize and grow. Again, routine maintenance of any visible plumbing is always a good preventative tactic.

Faulty Appliances

Many of the major appliances in a home are fed by water supply lines – think a water heater, refrigerator, or washing machine. Homeowners should always be mindful of the age of these appliances as well as the material in which their supply lines are made of. The supply lines are under constant pressure and if made of material that is easily worn out, replacement is often needed. When water damage occurs because of a washing machine or refrigerator that has leaked, the supply lines are usually the culprits.

Poorly installed appliances can also be the reason behind water damage occurring to a Kissimmee home.

HVAC Units

Living in Florida HVAC units are constantly working to keep homes cool. If an HVAC unit happens to be older or is experiencing mechanical issues, water damage is likely to occur. AC units produce condensation and release this into a drip pan and drain line. If for some reason there is an issue with this process and the line is clogged, we often see the pan overflow and the AC will leak into the home causing water damage.

Sewer Backup and Clogged Drains

The drains in tubs and sinks in a home have a lot going into them daily. Cleaning products, dirt, hair, grease, or even foreign objects are all items that are pushed down drains and are also all items that can clog a drain. Clogged drains do not allow water to properly flow and can lead to overflown sinks or tubs, causing flooding in a home. Homeowners should consider using drain protectors to capture anything that is not water and preventing a clogged drain.

Just the thought of a sewage backup is unpleasant but it is unfortunately a common cause of water damage in Kissimmee. Sewer systems, especially individually owned systems, can reach a limit in which they malfunction. This may be due to heavy rain storms or a blockage of some sort. Sewage can then backup into floor drains, toilets, tubs or sinks. Whenever this occurs it is extremely important to allow a professional water damage company to handle this situation. Sewage backup is considered a category 3 in the classification of different types of water and water damage. This means that there are potential health hazards in this kind of water and untrained handling is not advised.

Severe Weather and Flooding

Kissimmee is no stranger to thunderstorms, tropical storms, or hurricanes. During the summer months especially, thunderstorms occur almost daily. This heavy volume of rainwater and/or wind can put a home at risk. Roof damage, flooding, or clogged gutters from debris can all potentially cause water damage.

No matter how the water damage occurred, at Pro Master Cleaning Restoration, we always recommend our customers call us and request a free assessment. Our certified technicians are able to determine the cause of water damage and the extent. We can then recommend if water damage restoration is needed and what the next steps are. Acting quickly the second unwanted water is in a home is key!

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