Water Extraction In Kissimmee and Why It’s Necessary

Whenever a home or commercial building in Kissimmee has suffered from a water event like a flood or pipe burst, professionals like Pro Master Cleaning Restoration step in to perform water extraction and cleanup. Whether a small leak or a large flood, water extraction is crucial as it helps to mitigate from further damage occurring and is one of the first steps in the restoration process.

What is Water Extraction?

Water extraction is another term for water removal. It is the steps taken with proper tools to remove excess water from wet contents or surrounding structural material.  Based on the size of the event and the volume of water introduced to the property, water extraction performed by a professional is crucial.

Property owners may own a wet vacuum and fans; however this does not compare to the industrial grade equipment and expertise a company like Pro Master has when it comes to water extraction. Utilizing the most efficient method of water extraction is important during this step as it allows for shorter drying times and the ability to salvage as much content as possible. Equipment for water extraction includes submersible pumps or industrial vacuums that work to drain the water in areas that have been saturated.

Once water extraction is deemed complete, the water mitigation process will begin. Extraction and mitigation are both very different steps in the water damage restoration process but are both crucial and always subsequent.

Why Is Water Extraction Necessary?

The goal of damage restoration is to return the property affected to pre-loss condition. Timing and efficient, quick solutions are vital when it comes to water extraction. Restorers are concerned with the level of primary and secondary damage a home may suffer if any standing water or material that is saturated is not properly addressed.

Primary damage consists of any wet materials like flooring, drywall and contents upon the water intrusion event. This is damage that could not have been prevented. Secondary damage is the damage that occurs should water extraction and mitigation be untimely. Secondary damage includes mold growth, content loss, or the comprising of structural integrity to a property.

Even the smallest amount of water can put a home or business at risk, whether that is the potential growth of mold or property loss. To mitigate the spread of water damage and prevent any long-term issues, calling a professional company to provide water extraction services is highly recommended to property owners when the unthinkable happens.

Pro Master Cleaning Restoration are truly the local experts when it comes to water extraction services, even on an emergency basis. Call us 24/7 for help with any water damage needs.

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