Professional Water Damage Restoration Companies and Their Importance

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many homeowners have taken to Do-It-Yourself projects. There are many projects and tasks that an unexperienced homeowner can complete with the help of a guide or YouTube tutorial; professional water damage restoration is not one of these projects.

The entire damage restoration process from water extraction, mitigation, and cleanup requires an IICRC certification for water damage specifically. Only a Water Damage Restoration Technician has the knowledge to properly assess a loss event and identify safety hazards, the equipment needed, next steps for mitigation.

Restorers Know What Safety Hazards to Look For

Professional water damage restoration companies know exactly what can cause a potential safety hazard for both homeowners and their team on any job site. These safety hazards can include:

  • Trip hazards, electrical wires and more
    • If exposed to electrical wires or outlets that have not been turned off, standing water no matter the depth, can pose the risk of electrical shock. Slip and fall is also the number safety hazard on any job site but on a water job site it is especially important to be cautious of this as water makes many surfaces slippery.
  • Structural integrity of the property
    • When enough water saturates the structure of a home, ceilings can collapse as can compromised floors, especially those above a crawlspace. Professional water damage technicians quickly point these safety hazards out and ensure they are not a work site threat after day 1.
  • Biohazard and contaminants within the water
    • The source of a water loss event determines the category of water and what potential hazardous materials are present within it. Pro Master has seen homeowners that have tried cleaning up an overflown toilet with a mop or towels they own. Without proper protection and cleaning, a homeowner can be exposed to bacteria in this situation.

Professional Restoration Companies Have the Right Tools & Equipment

A homeowner may very well have a fan or two on hand along with a wet vacuum. These equipment pieces are helpful but are limited when proper water extraction and drying are necessary. Industrial air movers, pumps, vacuums and dehumidifiers are vital in the restoration process. Restoration equipment is expensive and not an everyday need for homeowners. Companies like Pro Master have multiple of each piece of equipment to complete any size job.

Certified Technicians Have the Knowledge & Experience to Mitigate and Prevent Further Damage

Restoration technicians take vigorous courses, have on-the-job experience, and endless of hours of training for water damage. These technicians know how to assess damage at the first notice of loss and what exact steps need to be taken to mitigate the water damage from spreading. Our crew has the ability to determine how wet an affected room or contents are and how to ensure they are thoroughly dried to inhibit mold growth. Homeowners do not have this knowledge or experience.

Call A Professional Water Damage Restoration Expert First

Restoration technicians have the knowledge and expertise to return a property to its pre-loss condition without causing more damage. When the unexpected happen, call a professional water damage restoration expert like Pro Master Cleaning Restoration.

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